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Architectural Signs & Signage

Integrated Signage & Design specialises in architectural signs and signage for Australian buildings.  



We are the essential consultant and supplier of compliant statutory signs to: 

  • Builders and developers.
  • Building and maintenance managers.
  • Architects and graphic designers.

Integrated Signage & Design understands the importance of installing signage that complies with the various statutory codes, on time and within budget. The day the certifier inspects your property to issue an Occupation Certificate, the signage must be correct. That is where we are able to help you.

We offer:

  • Australian Architectural Statutory Signage
  • All signage for residential and commercial developments.
  • Large projects, supply only or supply-&-install.
  • Free and obligation-free service to builders and developers specifying BCA compliant signage
  • Architectural Graphic and Signage Design.
  • Carpark and Amenity signage.
  • All other Signage: Light Boxes, Safety Mirrors, Directory Boards, Orientation Maps etc..

To view some of the signage projects undertaken by Integrated Signage & Design, see recent work.

Stainless Steel Letters Engraved Stainless Steel sign infilled with black acrylic paint Fabricated Stainless Steel letters for building name Illuminated "Totem". Back lit with LED lights
Stainless Steel individual letters. Templates are available for quick and easy installation. more Stainless Steel engraved sign. In-filled with black acrylic paint. Stainless Steel fabricated letters. Ideal for building names and addresses. Illuminated "Totem". Back lit with LED lights and faced with Stainless Steel lettering.
Photo Anodised evacuation map Stainless Steel fabricated letters Fabricated illuminated letters site sign with printed graphics
Photo Anodised evacuation map. Full colour available. Stainless Steel fabricated letters. Ideal for building names and addresses. Fabricated illuminated letters. Back lit with LED lights and powered by 12v transformer.  Full colour site sign.
Printed graphics with vinyl text, covered in anti-graffiti film.
acrylic fire hydrant hose reel acrylic accessible toilet photo anodised toilet with braille Frosted film on glass
Acrylic Fire Hose Reel sign with graphics on reverse side. Looks just like glass. Acrylic accessible toilet sign with graphics on reverse side. Looks just like glass. Photo Anodised toilet sign. Sign has braille and is tactile. Printed frosted film on office glass. Simple and complex designs can be used.

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