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Apartment Numbers, Unit numbers, Street Numbers

We offer a wide selection of quality Apartment Numbers, Unit Numbers and Street Numbers - Laser cut, engraved plates, stainless steel, aluminium, acrylic - specialising in statutory and architectural signage for Australian buildings.

There are numberous solutions to the numbering of buildings and apartments.  We are able to advise and suggest the best solution for your building.

Individual cut out letters and numbers in brushed stainless steel, satin anodised aluminium or brass are useful to identify a unit number, or a building's street number or name. Many Local authorities specify the type size for the street number, which may be recorded in the DA.

Consideration can be given to the location of the unit number, whether on the wall adjacent to the door, or on the door, either centred or above the hardware. Choice of type size and typeface also enhance the character of the lobby. See typeface.

Alternatively, the unit numbers can be presented as engraved or acrylic plates, at eye level, or duplacating as push plates above the hardware.  Ash us for samples and advice.

Finally, individual letters provide a clean and minimal look to all statutory door signage.

3mm Brushed Stainless Steel

30mm J28a: $9

50mm J28b: $11

150mm J28c: $45

3mm Satin Anodised Aluminum

30mm J28d: $9

50mm J28e: $11

150mm J28f: $45

Templates can be supplied for precise installation of wording. Please contact us for your requirements.


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