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Clearance Booms & Height Bars

Australian Standard AS2890.1 (embodied in the BCA) sets out the requirements for signage relating to clearance in carparks. Signage is required at locations where vehicles first enter an undercover area or encounter an overhead obstruction, where the clearance in either case is 3 metres or less if only cars or light vans are likely to use the facility or 4.6 metres or less in all other areas.

The signage may be in the form of a panel fixed to the bulkhead at the entrance to the carpark, or a height bar suspended at the specified height.

In addition, obstructions within the carpark lower than the height specified at the entrance must be clearly marked, either beside the obstruction or at the entry to that section of the carpark.

Clearance Boom with Chain and Fittings

Code F/I 26

PVC - No Chain or Fittings

Double Sided Tape Applied 

1200mm x 150mm


Aluminium with chain and fittings

Supply Only

2400mm x 100mm x 50mm


I26: $125



F26: $650

Driveway Clearance

Code F/I 27


400mm x 110mm



F27: $50



Caution Low Clearance

Code F/I 28


600mm x 150mm



400mm x 110mm



F28: $50



I28: $55


Tiger Tail Adhesive Tape

Code F/I 28

Roll of Tape

33m x 75mm



F29: $65



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