Braille & Tactile

We offer a full range of Braille signage which apply to the BCA regulations.

BCA Requirements

For information and advice on building code regulations see our Statutory Requirements section.

Wayfinding Signage

For interperative and orientation signage contact our sales department

Directory Boards

directory boardsDirectory boards are not only an essential source of information for visitors to commercial buildings. Being a prominent feature of the entry and lift lobbies and an immediate focus for visitors, the design of the directory board has an immediate impact, reflecting the overall image of the building.

Integrated Signage will design a directory board to enhance your commercial environment, incorporating maps or other directional elements to further assist visitors to your building.

Directory Boards are a useful item in a lobby or foyer of a building. Made from brushed aluminium or Acrylic and framed in Stainless Steel or Aluminium. They have magnetic slats with lettering in vinyl. The slats can easily be updated and changed as needed.

It is a good way of providing a smart look and flexibility to provide information of the occupants of a building. We can customize a directory if needed.

Phone or email us to discuss your requirements, dimensions and prices. We can also supply vinyl lettering with directories or send ready made.








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