Braille & Tactile

We offer a full range of Braille signage which apply to the BCA regulations.

Height Bars & Signs

For clearance boom, height bars, low head height and safety tape visit our signage section.

BCA Requirements

For information and advice on building code regulations see our Statutory Requirements section.

Materials for Signs

There's a wide choice of materials for signs Stainless steel, aluminium, acrylic, vinyl.... engraved, photo anodised, etched.... Plates or indivisual cut out letters and numbers........There's a treatment for every budget and to suit the image of every building.

Satin anodised aluminium

Satin anodised aluminium is a durable and compatible treatment for signage in contemporary buildings with a smooth stylish look. The text and graphics can be applied either as photo anodising (also known as photo etching), or as vinyl.

Photo anodising is the more durable of the two, being impervious to cleaning and scuffing. In high traffic areas, vinyl may be scratched - or picked at by bored little finger nails. Both treatments are ideal for interior and exterior use.

We stock a selection of the more frequently required statutory door signs in a photo anodised finish.

Special WordingThe lead time for satin anodising is two to three weeks.
The lead time for vinyl is two to three days.


Sizes can be custom or standard (400 mm x 75 mm). For all our standard statutory signs in anodised aluminium please click for our catalogue.

Contact us for more information and ordering 


Acrylic Signage

We have developed the ‘Glass-look' signs to provide economical architectural door signage with a quality appearance. With a generous 6mm thickness, bevelled edges and a slight green tint, the ‘Glass-look' is virtually indistinguishable from polished glass. The graphics are on the reverse, so will not be damaged by scratching or wear-&-tear.

The "Glass-look' acrylic signs are ideal for interior use.

Special Wording

The ‘Glass-look' signs can readily be produced with your own wording or graphic requirements. Shipment is normally within 2 working days of receipt of your order.

Coloured text, graphic symbols etc can be incorporated at no additional cost. Sizes can be custom or standard (400 mm x 75 mm). For all our standard statutory signs in anodised aluminium please click for our catalogue.

Contact us for more information and ordering. 

Materials for Braille Signage

Made from tough polypropelene with raised profile, Braille is specific to sign type.

Plate size 150mm x 150mm

Also supplied mounted on a satin anodised aluminum plate as illustrated.
Size 200mm x 200mm

We are able to supply a full range of customised Braille and Tactile signs including maps and wayfinding signage. Please contact our sales department.



Materials for Carpark & Amenity Signage

Unless otherwise requested, all PVC signs come with 3M double sided tape applied. On clean concrete or painted surfaces, additional adhesive is not normally required.


Where signs are to be installed on posts, Colorbond pre-painted steel is utilised. Holes for bolts and brackets can be provided as required.

Satin Anodised Aluminium

1.6mm satin anodised aluminium, with a metallic silver sheen, provides a quality treatment for signage where a background colour is not required for high visibility.


6mm ‘Glass Look' acrylic, graphics on the reverse.

This is the ideal material for amenity signage in interior lobbies, lifts etc.

Suspended Signs

Durable foam PVC

The standard material we use for economical suspended carpark signs is a light weight 3mm PVC plastic, with an aluminium bar along the top to provide rigidity. The signs are pre-drilled for suspension from chain or wire.

Fabricated signs

All suspended signs can be supplied with fabricated aluminium frames which can be suspended from chains or bolted into the underside of the concrete slab.



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