Braille & Tactile

We offer a full range of Braille signage which apply to the BCA regulations.

Wayfinding Signage

For interperative and orientation signage contact our sales department

Online Orders

You can order online in our Order Form section or print and fax it to us.

No Smoking Signs & other restrictions

No smoking, no skateboarding, no food or alcohol - Numerous international symbols can be utilised to convey your message.  The signs can be stylish in stainless steel or be economical in PVC - Integrated Signage & Design can design signs to solve your problem.

In addition, Integrated Signage is experienced at creating simple graphic picturegrams to solve individual problems which may be encountered in the management of a building, especially where occupants have a limited ability to read and understand English text. Contact our sales department to discuss your specific requirements.

Standard Symbols - Grouped or Single

standard symbols

Code 71

Please Contact Sales to discuss your requirements.
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