BCA Requirements

For information and advice on building code regulations see our Statutory Requirements section.

Wayfinding Signage

For interperative and orientation signage contact our sales department

Building Managers

For a range of building & amenity signs please see our signage products.

Specification Services

Exclusive Services

As specialists in the field of architectural signage, we are able to offer this free and obligation-free service:

From a set of architectural plans, we will generate a detailed signage package required to comply with the BCA and other statutory regulations, and provide maximum amenity for the development.

From the schedule, we will propose a treatment for the signage and submit a quotation. From that point, it is a simple matter to select materials to fit the budget.

Phone us or email us today to discuss this exclusive service.

For more information call or email sales: sales@integratedsignage.com.au

1. Plan

2. Schedule

3. Sign Production


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