Wayfinding Signage

For interperative and orientation signage contact our sales department

Online Orders

You can order online in our Order Form section or print and fax it to us.

Height Bars & Signs

For clearance boom, height bars, low head height and safety tape visit our signage section.

Surveillance & Security Camera Signs

Where video surveillance cameras are in use, it is mandatory for surveillance signs - Security Camera Signs - to be displayed.  We offer a choice of design and size to suit different locations in and around a building, ranging to engraved stainless steel for the street frontage and foyer, to larger economical solutions for carparks..

All signs are custom made, so the wording can be customised to be specific to the building. 

Suggested sizes and treatments are as follows:

*  Carpark entry and in prominent locations throughout carpark:  600mm  x 400mm, either colorbond or aluminium with vinyl graphics.

*   Outside main entry of commercial buildings:  400mm x 300mm, engraved brushed stainless steel or aluminium.

*   Inside lift lobbies and foyers, and in lifts:  400mm x 300mm, acrylic with graphics on the reverse, or engraved aluminium or stainless steel

With Video eye

security camera sign

With Camera

security camera sign 2

Stainless steel or satin anodised aluminium, with black or dark blue graphics




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